About Me

Niki Reppy

Advocate for living our best lives

A St. Louis, MO native, my husband and I relocated to Phoenix, AZ in 2018.

The last 10 years of my career has been spent in Human Resources, most recently as a Talent Acquisition leader.

I’ve began focusing on my health in the early 2,000s. I love to read – books, articles, blogs – anything that helps continue my education on the topic. I am a firm believer in continuous learning. Even if we’re the top in our field, there is always room for growth and learning.

My hope is that this blog will help us both do exactly that, learn and grow together.

Am I a nutritionist? No. Am I a doctor? Negative. Am I a certified personal trainer? Nope. Am I a super fit Instagram model with washboard abs? Definitely not.

So who am I? Who I am is you. Someone who is tired of looking for resources that will give it to me straight without the marketing, political or monetary agenda. Someone who wants to live my best life through health and wellness. Someone who is interested in facts backed by actual research and science. And I would like to share those facts with you. So that you, your family, the ones you care about can live your best lives. I’m just a regular person trying to make the best decisions possible with the information available.

You won’t find recipes here. There are plenty of cookbooks, blogs and Pinterest posts containing any recipe you can possibly imagine. And did I mention I hate to cook?

This blog also doesn’t contain diet tips or meal plans. Because, as you will learn, everyone’s body is different and responds differently to different foods. There is no one-size-fits all recipe for success. My hope is that you will learn the basic blueprint for living a healthy lifestyle, make positive choices and then adapt to what works best for you.

Who am I?

  • Wife, Daughter, Aunt
  • Cat Mom
  • Travel Junkie
  • Hiking Enthusiast
  • Golfing Novice
  • Scuba Diver in Training
  • Health & Wellness Advocate

All content listed on this website stems from my personal experiences and opinions.

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