Health Coaching Services

What is a Health Coach?

As a Health Coach I work with clients to help them achieve health-related goals, overcome obstacles, and make changes or shifts in their lives by providing guidance, tools, and accountability. Together, we will create and maintain long-term, sustainable health & lifestyle habits.

The role of a Health Coach is not to provide healthcare or medical advice or services, or diagnose, treat, or cure any disease, condition, or other physical or mental ailment of the human body. Instead, I act as a mentor and guide who has been trained in health coaching and behavioral change to help clients reach their own health goals by helping clients devise and implement positive, sustainable lifestyle changes.

Topics We Can Address

NUTRITION – Health Coaches suggest ways to crowd out less health supportive foods, such as added sugar, highly processed foods, and any foods that clients have sensitivities to. We recommend including more nutrient-dense whole foods, superfoods, and home cooking. This is different than prescribing a strict diet plan or regimen as Health Coaches help implement client-directed changes and sustainable shifts.

EXERCISE – Health Coaches encourage clients to engage in low risk exercise and physical activity. We also help clients explore ways to live a less sedentary lifestyle by incorporating movement into their day.

SLEEP – It isn’t just what you do to improve health, but also what you don’t do. Being still is just as important for you as keeping active. Health coaches can help make sustainable shifts to your sleep routine to help you help you renew, refocus, and reconnect.

STRESS – Health coaches help clients practice mindfulness by having them reflect on behaviors that are or are not working for them and incorporate habits to help reduce stress.

CAREER – Health Coaches encourage clients to evaluate how their careers affect their well-being and implement strategies for managing work-related stress or navigating professional changes. Health Coaches also support clients in exploring new hobbies and interests that are fulfilling for them.

Coaching Program Framework

  1. Discovery Call – Free 50 minute session that allows us to get to know one another and learn more about how your goals.
  2. Foundation Sessions – The first three sessions of the coaching journey, where we dive into self-exploration, visioning, goal setting and action planning.
  3. Follow-Up Sessions – These are the ongoing coaching sessions where change occurs. We explore challenges, reinforce learning, and focus on making long-term sustainable lifestyle shifts.

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Packages & Pricing

6-Month Coaching Program – $1,000

Our most popular option. This longer program length provides enough time for clients to make consistent changes and form new habits leading to sustainable shifts that will last a lifetime. I meet with clients bi-weekly for 60 minutes.

3-Month Coaching Program – $500

This popular, shorter alternative to the six-month program still provides time for meaningful progress toward the client’s health and wellness goals. I meet with clients bi-weekly for 60 minutes.

6-Week Coaching Program – $250

This program provides a less lengthy commitment, still with time to address targeted lifestyle changes, making it preferable to clients who want to try out coaching or receive support with a specific area of their life. I meet with clients bi-weekly for 60 minutes.

Individual Coaching Sessions – $100 each

A great option for those who are still deciding if Health Coaching is right for them, need one-off sessions, or anyone interested in adding on additional sessions to one of the packages. Sessions are 60 minutes in length.

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