Setting Up Your At-Home Workout Space

Home gym, home workout

When I was setting up my workout space I turned to my friends Google and Pinterest for inspiration. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really find what I was looking for. So I want to share my, somewhat unique space, for others who might be looking to set up something out-of-the-norm.

As I was perusing, the majority of the at-home workout spaces were more gym-like, with a room specifically dedicated to workout equipment. Most had white walls, floors covered in mats, and some even had mirrored walls. Or they were at the complete other end of the spectrum, and were just a couple of dumbbells in the corner of the living room. I wanted neither.

My workout space, while designated to a specific room, needed to serve multiple purposes. I am lucky enough to have an entire room to call my own, my she-shed, my lady lair. But I had to make the most of this single space, it needed to encompass my workout space, my office when I get to work from home, and, since it was roomy enough, I wanted to include a sitting chair for when I need some alone time. I wanted all of this with cute, stylish décor.


For my weight collection I started off with 8, 10 and 15 lb weights and slowly acquired others over time. I’ve used both the neoprene and the hex-style dumbbells. I enjoyed the grip on the neoprene for lighter weights, however as I started investing in heavier weights the bar became thicker and thicker, and I now find that I prefer the hex-style. But you do you!

My current weight set starts at 5 lbs and goes up to 30 lbs – I also have one 35 lb and one 40 lb for squats, glute bridges and deadlifts.

Yoga Mat

The next important piece of your at-home space is a quality yoga mat. If you have hard floors like I do, the thicker the better. My yoga mats are 6mm each, and still pretty thin on the tile floor (you’ll notice I have two for stacking).


I have one 30 lb kettlebell, but definitely worked my way up to it. I previously owned a 5, 10 and 15 lb before upgrading. I prefer a smooth handle with a coated body – again, you do you!

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands will change your life when it comes to working your glutes! They turn a simple leg lift into a powerful push and pull awakening your gluteus like never before (fun fact when referring to all three glute muscles, they are called the gluteus or gluteal muscles).

When purchasing resistance bands quality is everything. Cheap bands will break at the seems when put through a good workout. You can buy just a light, medium or heavy, or you can purchase a full set. I recommend the set because you will graduate pretty quickly from the light, and I alternate between the medium and heavy depending on the workout.

Weight Gloves

When I made the switch from the neoprene weights to the hex-dumbbells I found that my hands became pretty callused from the grip. I tried a few different weight lifting gloves and landed on a set of CrossFit gloves. I love the minimalist fit and they provide a little cushion as well.

Finishing Touches

Here is the finished product. I mentioned I didn’t want a “gym room” feel, so I spruced it up with cute décor and wall art. Not pictured is my standing desk for those days I work from home and a wall-mounted TV to save space and stream my workouts!

I’m in LOVE with the pineapple wall canvas, I got it on Amazon if you love it too.

Are there any cool at-home pieces of equipment that you use which aren’t listed? I’d love to hear what they are!

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