How to Get Rid of Pool Hair

Here in Arizona, as I’m sure many of you in other parts of the country do as well, we beat the summer heat by basking in the pool. And while it does wonders for keeping cool, my hair isn’t as appreciative.

We recently had a pool built so I’ve spent more time in the water this year than ever before. What this did is provide an opportunity to perfect my summer hair care. Keep in mind, everyone’s hair is different and what works for me might not work best for you. But through trial and error this routine seems to acheive results for my fine, highlighted tresses.

Through my research for the perfect summer hair routine, many blogs advised to wear a swim cap and not get your hair wet at all. But, like, why? What’s the point of even getting in the pool? It’s safe to say this option wasn’t for me. So off I went on my quest to rid myself of the dreaded chlorine hair.

What Does Chlorine Do to Hair?


This simple step has made a world of difference for me. Rinse hair in the shower or sink before getting in the pool. Our hair soaks up water like a sponge, and subsequently whatever is in that water. Pre-wetting your hair before getting in prevents it from absorbing as much of the chemicals. Some sources also recommend spraying a light leave-in conditioner in your hair, if over-drying is a problem for you.


It’s important to get those chemicals out of your hair as soon as possible. Letting them dry will make them that much more difficult to get rid of. Rinse your hair as soon as you get out of the water. If possible, throw some suds in there. I’ve never been one to skip the conditioner, but all of that build up makes my hair feel…well, slimy. So I typically skip the conditioner during this stage.

Clarify & Moisturize

This step is key. Find a good clarifying shampoo and deep conditioner. My fine hair is super sensitive to conditioners and oils so it’s important my deep conditioner moisturizes without weighing down. The clarifying shampoo, this is where I have put the leg-work in. I have so many (seriously, so many…) half-used bottles of shampoo under my sink. I’ve found the best clarifying shampoos dry my hair out a bit, but they also strip away all of the grime. Then slather on that deep conditioner to replenish those locks. How often you use the clarifying shampoo depends on your specific hair type. I use it once a week at a minimum, but really any time my hair needs it.

Saltwater Pools

We recently converted our pool over to saltwater and I noticed a big difference in my hair after a few weeks. Contrary to popular belief, saltwater pools do still have chlorine in them, so a great hair care routine is still important. However salt water pools are much more gentle on skin, hair and eyes.


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