What are Phytonutrients?

It’s no secret that a large percentage of people don’t get enough nutrients from their diet. These deficiencies, in part, contribute to chronic illness, infections and even death. Knowledge is power, so one of the first steps towards overcoming this adversity is to understand what the heck they are. Most of us have probably heardContinue reading “What are Phytonutrients?”

The Mighty Mushroom: Health Benefits of Mushrooms

It’s thought that mushrooms were first cultivated in China and Japan as early as the 6th century, however their use in food and medicine, and even for hallucinogenic purposes, can be traced back to 10,000 BCE (before common era), being used by Ancient Greeks, the Romans, the Mayans, the Chinese and the Vikings, among manyContinue reading “The Mighty Mushroom: Health Benefits of Mushrooms”

Getting Back into Your Healthy Routine After Vacation

Summer means family vacations and BBQ’s and with all of that fun can come a few not-so-healthy choices. Excess sugar, processed food, and maybe a few too many adult beverages, can lead to a bloated belly and sugar cravings – but it’s OK, don’t beat yourself up. In fact, I encourage these little indulgences. What’sContinue reading “Getting Back into Your Healthy Routine After Vacation”

Organic vs Non-Organic – Is One Really Better?

The difference between organic and non-organic food has to do with the chemicals used while it is being grown. Farmers often treat crops with synthetic, man made chemicals including pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers. Genetically modified or engineered crops are common for varieties such as corn and soy and antibiotics or growth hormones are oftenContinue reading “Organic vs Non-Organic – Is One Really Better?”